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Leap of faith

Read Mark Windsor’s account of his coasteering day trip to Sark.   Leaping off rocks into the sea is not something I’ve done much of anywhere except in Guernsey, and that was a long time ago, so I was intrigued when I got the invite from Ant Ford Parker of (…)

A good time to be a lobster

The end of October was a busy time in Creux Harbour as the island’s fishermen prepared for the end of the season. Sark waters up to three miles out are closed for lobster and crab potting and scallop diving until the end of March to protect the island’s commercial stocks (…)

Good news for stargazers in the Channel Islands

Sark has been designated a Dark Sky Community, and the first Dark Sky Island in the world by the International Dark-Sky Association. Sark is such an ideal location for dark sky observing because there are no public street lights. Street lighting isn’t needed because Sark had no paved roads and (…)

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