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The Environment

3 miles long by roughly 1½ mile wide, tiny lanes, no traffic (apart from the odd tractor) oodles of history and fascinating tales. Millions of hidey holes and nooks to explore, Sark is the perfect venue for hiding and seeking!


Like a treasure hunt but you collect no treasure, like a quiz but no sitting down.  Small groups are given a map with numbered areas and a list of corresponding questions and tasks.    The group must decide which areas to visit and which tasks to complete to gain the maximum points against the clock.  Great fun way to spend some time exploring  Sark  and competing against colleagues or friends.  We will set the activiquiz, provide all the resources needed, meet and brief the group and score the event afterwards while you have a well earned drink or meal at your chosen venue.

Suitable for…

Small or larger groups wanting a fun way to explore Sark and competitive activity.

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