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Sark may be marketed for weddings, if Chief Pleas agree - 05/09/2011

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Marketing Sark as a wedding venue could be a new way of generating revenue, according to an island politician. The General Purposes and Advisory Committee has asked Chief Pleas to allow it to make firm proposals for liberalising Sark’s marriage laws.


Changes could be made to the residency qualifications needed to get married in the island and more venues licensed.


Committee chairman Charles Maitland said a consultation would take place before any changes were made. He said that if agreed it was likely the island would follow Alderney’s system.


It introduced a law in 2005 to allow building and places to be approved for the solemnization of a marriage. Since then Alderney has changed the minimum residential period before marriage to three days and the States launched a dedicated website.


The committee has suggested Sark should make itself as flexible as possible in order to attract weddings.

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