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A good time to be a lobster - 05/09/2011

The end of October was a busy time in Creux Harbour as the island’s fishermen prepared for the end of the season. Sark waters up to three miles out are closed for lobster and crab potting and scallop diving until the end of March to protect the island’s commercial stocks while local boats, lacking an all-weather winter harbour, are out of the water. It’s been a successful year for lobster fishing with fishermen reporting good catches both here in Sark and around the others Islands. Now pots have to be brought ashore and the island’s crane is used to lift the larger boats out of the water at high tide. The boat owners all lend a hand with each other’s boats and many take to the opportunity to pressure wash the hulls straight away while the marine growth is still damp and easier to remove. The winter is a time for maintenance, repairs and painting before the boats go back to sea in the spring.  

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Above: Dom & Steve load their pots


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