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On selected days throughout the year Adventure Sark offer you the chance to experience one of the most unique coasteering environments in the world. A day coasteering in Sark could see you exploring  some of the most awesome caves and cavern Systems in the Channel Islands such as the Victor Hugo, Cathedral Cave, Boutique caves and the Derrible Head Caverns as well as the world famous Gouliot Caves.

Goulliot caves

These trips are full day experiences and will give you a true Sark Island adventure The coasteering will take between 3 and 4 hours and include all the usual coasteering thrills such as gully swims, scrambling and jumps, as well some of  the most stunning scenery in the Channel Islands with views of Jersey, Guernsey and Herm and Alderney all possible.

Wherever you are travelling from we will greet you as you get off the ferry and take you to meet the rest of the group at ‘Basecamp Sark’ our base in Sark. Our guides will kit you out with everything required for your adventure and then lead the group on the days chosen route. Kristina will provide a delicious and hearty meal for afterwards in the Petit Poule courtyard, before you catch the boat back to Guernsey or Jersey.

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