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The Environment

Steep cliffs dominate the coastline of Sark making any exploration along the coast absolutely epic!  Massive water filled caves, caverns, gullies and geos teeming with sea life give endless interest and excitement and for the true adrenalin enthusiast deep water jumps are everywhere. We truly believe that  Sark offers more top quality coasteering than anywhere else in the world.   The fierce currents have carved awesome geological features and ripped out the most amazing caverns that have to be explored.

The Coasteering experience

One thing is undisputable, coasteering  in Sark will take you to places that few people have been. The reason is simple, it is inhostpitable, remote and challenging.  It is also Jaw droppingly beautiful, staggeringly impressive and massively exciting… not to mention awesome fun!

Preparation is key.  Our guides will supply you with top quality 5mm wetsuits for warmth and protection, buoyancy aids, helmets, boots and a torch.  On longer expeditions we will take drinks and snacks with us.  After an indepth briefing and safety check the guides will lead you on the chosen route.  Making the most of the environment they will challenge you with scrambles, jumps, cave and gully swims, tidal races, run downs, step through’s, pop unders, traverses, leaps of faith and many other features as you make your way along the coast to your designated “get out”

Suitable for…

Day trips, Adventure weekends/weeks, Stag and Hen, corporate teams,

Day trip explorations generally start at 12 and last around 3 hours. Suitable for anyone with an adventurous spirit and average fitness.

Bespoke group trips can last from 2 hours to full days, week end or multi day trips can be arranged with accommodation.

We can advise and help you organize any part of your coasteering experience so that it exactly meets your needs. We look forward to meeting you and sharing this wonderful place.  Let the adventure begin!

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